Sports Equipment Locker

Sports Equipment Locker

  • HK$9,029.00

Universal solution with 4 adjustable shelves
Safety perforated metal plate with 3.5 mm round perforation
Long-lasting steel construction
The door opens at an angle of 180°
For a wide range of balls, handheld and small pieces of equipment


Sports equipment locker with perforated metal double doors (Typ 2)

The all-round solution with 4 adjustable shelves and hook rack for a multiplicity of balls, handheld and smaller apparatus.

Size and weight:
External dimensions HxBxD: 195x120x50 cm
Approx. 88.7 kg
Maximum load: Approx. 70 kg

Durable steel structure
Rear panel with louvres for airing and ventilation
Available colours: Light grey and anthracite

Perforated double doors - Ideal for quick interior inspection and better ventilation
Safety-perforated metal with 3.5 mm round perforations - prevents finger injuries
Doors hinged on the outside
Comfortable door opening angle of approx. 180°
Doors available in 6 colours at no extra charge

Lock and handle:
3-point cylinder lock
Designer L-handle
Cylinder change lock with 2 keys

4 adjustable steel shelves
Removable shelves on one side with 24 mm high upstand – so as to prevent balls rolling out
Delivery does not include sports equipment

Please note when ordering:
If you order 2 or more cabinets, we need to know whether they should be keyed alike. Therefore please select the appropriate locking system once you have placed the cabinets in your shopping basket.
Keyed to differ: Each cabinet has a different lock number
Keyed alike: All cabinets have the same lock number
Information regarding delivery Delivery of our cabinets finishes behind the first, lockable door on the ground floor. Onward delivery is possible at an extra charge. All cabinets are assembled in one piece and delivered empty. This eliminates the need for time-consuming assembly on-site, with only the bases needing to be inserted. To facilitate transport, these are placed in the lowest position. When planning to transport the cabinet within the building, please take the measurements of doors, stairwells and lifts into account. If you have any questions regarding transport, please contact us – we will gladly work with you to plan transport.

A tidy house, a tidy mind – the same applies in sport!
All equipment must have its place, be neatly organised and securely stored. With our lockers for sports equipment and balls, we offer a custom-made solution for towns, communities and teams: modern appearance, resilient engineering and functional compartments.

Information about the safety perforated metal plate:
Setting a good example. As an innovative initiative for more safety in schools, sports halls, teams, fitness centres etc, the safety perforated metal plate was developed. The 23 mm square perforation standard guards against finger injuries. Be mindful of orders of equipment cabinets with perforated metal plate doors of this kind. Particularly important is the safety perforated metal plate with sliding doors. Aside from safety, it allows quick inspection of the cabinet as well as ideal ventilation of the sports equipment.