Sport-Thieme "Soccer" Skin Ball

Sport-Thieme "Soccer" Skin Ball

  • HK$199.00

The Sport-Thieme "Soccer" skin ball is perfect for a variety of different ball games, as an introduction to ball sports or for practising your passes, crosses and headers.
Ideal for getting into ball sports and games
Strong outer skin can be wiped clean and disinfected
For playing indoors and outdoors

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The Sport-Thieme "Soccer" skin ball: particularly long-lasting thanks to its strong outer coating!
The Sport-Thieme "Soccer" skin ball is made from foam and is very bouncy. Its closed-cell polyurethane coating is extremely easy to clean – it can be wiped clean and disinfected. The robust outer skin makes the ball best suited to use outside (but not on tarmac). Particularly practical: the material is weatherproof, making the Sport-Thieme "Soccer" skin ball very long-lasting.