Molten "V5B5000" Beach Volleyball

Molten "V5B5000" Beach Volleyball

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The Molten "V5B5000" beach volleyball is an official ball with a DVV Beach 1 certificate.
First-class flight characteristics
Top competition ball in many state associations
Machine-stitched: deep-lying stitches for a high level of durability
Will keep its shape, waterproof
DVV Beach I certificate

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The Molten "V5B5000" beach volleyball: durable and water-repellent
The Molten "V5B5000" beach volleyball is a machine-stitched volleyball made of very soft artificial leather with an additional microfibre layer. Due to the deeper seams, the ball is well-protected and therefore more durable and resistant than conventional beach volleyballs. Thanks to the butyl bladder, air permeability is extremely low and air loss is minimised. This beach volleyball is characterised by the fact that it won’t lose its shape, its excellent flight characteristics and weather resistance. Its DVV Beach 1 quality mark also makes it a first-choice match ball for many national associations.

Product information:
Material: artificial leather
Colour: white/blue/red