AssessPro Flex-Solo Sit and Reach Testers

AssessPro Flex-Solo Sit and Reach Testers

  • HK$2,499.00

This sit and reach tester is specially designed for easier, more accurate self-measurement!


Extra-large numbers on this device make it easy to accurately measure in both inches and centimeters. A sturdy, all-steel design is powder-coated for everlasting use, and a non-slip bottom holds the unit in place during use.

Measure Body Flexibility

This standard test provides uniform measurement of flexibility for the entire group. Establish a starting point, then retest to see students’ progress with the exact same test and standards. Large numbers (in both inches and centimeters) make it easy to measure and record results.

High-Quality Design

A non-slip bottom keeps the tester in place during assessments so students don't need a partner to hold it for them. Large, bold numbers in inches and centimeters allow for accurate measurements for the whole class. Solid steel construction provides lasting durability. When everyone is done, built-in foam handles allow for easy, comfortable transport to storage.

If you're looking for more compact storage, the Plus model folds down flat in seconds. Once you’re ready to begin testing again, it sets up and locks in place just as quick!