Spikeball Game Set

Spikeball Game Set

  • HK$990.00

Dive, volley, spike! This fast-paced Spikeball game will get students' hearts racing!


Spikeball brings some of the most heart-pounding action of volleyball into an up-close, fast-paced format! Two teams of 2 stand on opposite sides of the net. Once the ball is served, sides disappear and it’s completely free play! Teams have up to 3 hits to “spike” the ball on the net, with the first team to 21 winning.

High-Action, Fast-Paced Game

Spikeball features a circular, hoop-shaped net and frame. Two teams of two players each gather around this ring. One player starts the game by serving the ball down on the net so it ricochets up at his/her opponents. The other team then has up to 3 hits (like volleyball) to get control of the ball and spike it back at the net. If the other team misses, you score! There are no boundaries or limitations—players can hit the ball from anywhere. That makes this a great game to play in large indoor or outdoor spaces. The first team to earn 21 points is the winner.

Spikeball Original. The plastic frame disassembles quickly for easy storage. The net attaches to hooks around the frame, keeping it taut during gameplay. Set includes a net (36" dia), 3 balls (3.5" dia), and a carrying bag to store and transport it all easily