Sport-Thieme "Winner" Floorball Set

Sport-Thieme "Winner" Floorball Set

  • HK$1,528.00

Floorball set
Complete set for schools and clubs
Shaft length: 85 cm
Suitable for left and right shooters
Shaft made from polycarbonate


"Winner" floorball set

The 18-piece complete set for schools and clubs. Ideal for children and teens from 151-160 cm tall. The ideal floorball stick for high demands with fast-paced and precise moves.

Sturdy polycarbonate shaft
Straight polyethylene blade
Shaft length: 85 cm
Stick length: 95 cm
Outer diameter: approx. 2.8 cm
Suitable for left and right shooters

The set consists of:
6 floorball sticks with black blades (1731200)
6 floorball sticks with red blades (1731213)
6 floorball balls (1168509)
Also available with stick bag (2540405)

Suitable for:
Secondary school and sixth form
Children and teens from 151-160 cm tall

A summary of the main advantages of floorball:
Trains motion sequences for a variety of other sports (e.g. handball, tennis, volleyball, etc.)
Develops and trains side-stepping movements
Supports the development of team spirit
Coordinates different body movements
Does not require much space or many markings
Offers a high level of safety and protection from injuries
Develops strength, endurance and speed
Balls and sticks are affordable and easy to transport
Easy to understand, simple rules guarantee fun right from the start
Offers a wealth of different variations and develops creativity
Suitable for all age groups, from nursery upwards
Lots of fun for everyone!