Build'n Balance

Build'n Balance

  • HK$2,548.00

Create exciting and challenging balance paths with the Build'n'Balance "Balancing Challenge".
Ideal for nurseries and therapy
Plan, build, balance
Easy to combine with other balance elements


Build'n'Balance "Balancing Challenge": promotes the joy of movement
The Build'n'Balance "Balancing Challenge" consists of balance elements such as pylons, balance beams and rocking boards and allows you to create a wide variety of diverse balance paths. The pylons, which can have other elements connected to them at 2 different heights (10,24 cm), allow you to include ascents and descents. Children who are more nervous can start at the lower height and gradually work their way up. Kids who love to balance will come into their own on the dynamic rocking boards.

Product information:
Material: plastic
Max. load: 100 kg

Build'n'Balance "Balancing Challenge": gets children in balance
The Build'n'Balance "Balancing Challenge" set offers a wide range of possible uses, ranging from movement games in nurseries, school and club sports, through to various therapeutic applications. The modular design is extremely straightforward: the various elements are simply slotted together. Children can build their own movement and balance obstacle courses and adapt them to their individual level of ability.