Gilbert "G-TR4000" Rugby Ball

Gilbert "G-TR4000" Rugby Ball

  • HK$199.00

The Gilbert “G-TR4000” rugby ball is the perfect rugby training ball for competition preparation.
Patented TRI-grip technology
For clubs, schools and recreational use
High-quality training ball
Ball is manufactured from 3 layers


The Gilbert “G-TR4000” rugby ball: the right ball for all training requirements
The Gilbert “G-TR4000” rugby training ball is a high-quality, hand-stitched training ball with a pimpled and rubberised surface. This provides excellent grip during play. The triangular grip pattern is patented (TRI-grip technology). This pattern is particularly durable, providing the player with improved ball handling. The rugby ball is available in  size 4 for children aged between 8 and 13 and size 5 for teenagers aged 14 and above.