Molten "HX5001-BW" Handball

Molten "HX5001-BW" Handball

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The Molten "HX5000-BW" handball is the official game ball of the 1st and 2nd divisions of the Women's Handball Leagues in Germany and the game ball for several state associations in the Men's Handball League.
Seamless surface
Very good bounce and flight characteristics
Soft outer material with a good grip
Acentec technology for better ball control and a better feel for the ball
Produced in line with IHF guidelines


Molten "HX5000-BW" handball – the right ball for the perfect throw
The Molten "HX5000-BW" handball in size 2 is the official game ball of the German Women's Handball League. Made from artificial leather and in a new "X" design, the competition ball has excellent bounce and flight characteristics. The ball also offers perfect grip and excellent ball control.

Product information:
Made from artificial leather
Acentec technology
Technology that impresses
The Molten "HX5000-BW" handball is equipped with Acentec technology. This makes the outer surface softer, gives it a better grip and allows for even contact with the ball. Its improved spherical shape and evenness guarantees stable playing characteristics and rebound qualities.