Sport-Thieme Type 7 Soft Mat

Sport-Thieme Type 7 Soft Mat

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The Sport-Thieme type 7 soft mat offers you the highest possible protection when jumping from vaulting boxes, trampolines or vaulting bucks.
Complies with DIN EN 12503-1 type 7
Particularly stable surface thanks to single-section foam core
Maximum safety for uncontrolled landings
4 carrying straps make it easy to transport


The Sport-Thieme type 7 soft floor mat: a must-have for school and club sport
The Sport-Thieme type 7 soft floor mat offers the highest levels of safety when it matters. A must-have for any children’s, school and club sport. Whether you’re jumping from a trampoline, vaulting box or vaulting buck: the soft gymnastics mat’s high-quality, flexible core made from special foam offers you optimum protection for a safe landing. The top of the mat’s cover is made from soft yet hard-wearing canvas. In contrast, the sport mat’s base is covered in dimpled gymnastics mat material, which stops it slipping during use. Thanks to the 4 carrying loops, the Sport-Thieme type 7 soft mat is really easy to transport.

Product information:
Top side: canvas material (100% polyester)
Base: dimpled gymnastics mat material (100% polyester)
Core of mat: high-quality, flexible special foam (20 kg/m³)
Cover already fitted on mat*
Colour of cover: blue 
Compression hardness: approx. 2.5 kilopascal
Cover: with zip and ventilation holes
Includes 4 carrying loops
Delivered ready to use
Allergy information: latex-free

Sizes and weights:

200x150x30 cm (LxWxH), approx. 23 kg
300x200x25 cm (LxWxH), approx. 36 kg

For a safe landing
The thick, soft, gymnastics mats are increasingly common in school sports or club training. Whether it's a squat jump over the vaulting horse, a straddle jump over the buck or a straight jump from the trampoline, a soft gymnastics mat provides a high level of safety thanks to its excellent shock-absorption properties during uncontrolled landings. With a maximum fall height of 2 m, type 7 mats are perfectly suited to use in simple exercises and for the high jump.