Polanik Competition Discus

Polanik Competition Discus

  • HK$640.00
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  • HK$850.00

The Polanik competition discus is available in nine different weights. Four of which are IAAF certified.

  • Certain weights are IAAF certified
  • Particularly robust


The Polanik competition discus – robust and corrosion-resistant
The Polanik competition discus is particularly robust thanks to its material construction. The ring is made from a special corrosion-resistant alloy and the shell is made of plastic with a fibreglass reinforcement. Certain weights are IAAF certified: 1 kg, 1.5 kg, 1.75 kg and 2 kg. The discs are perfectly suitable for training as well as for competitions.

Product information:

  • Ring made from a special alloy
  • Shell made from plastic
  • With calibration screw

IAAF certified versions:

  • 1 kg, IAAF certificate: I-11-0493
  • 1.5 kg, IAAF certificate: I-11-0495
  • 1.75 kg, IAAF certificate: I-11-04972 kg, IAAF certificate: I-11-0499

The IAAF certified discus – order the Polanik competition discus today.