Molten "BG4500" Basketball

Molten "BG4500" Basketball

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The Molten "BG4500" basketball features a special surface for optimal control during matches – even with sweaty hands.


Molten "BG4500" basketball – a popular competition basketball for ages 12 and over
This Molten "BG4500" basketball made of premium, natural-looking synthetic leather brings joy to every game: thanks to its waterproof top layer, this basketball is especially grippy and can be controlled perfectly – even with sweaty hands. Its bonded 12-panel surface also gives it great cushioning properties during play. Impressive, officially certified quality: this basketball is FIBA-approved. It is available in sizes 6 and 7 and is used in competitions in the following categories: youth, women and men.
Are you looking for a basketball for your next game that will always sit well in your hand? Then order your Molten "BG4500" basketball now.