Reebok Core Board

Reebok Core Board

  • HK$2,075.00

You're guaranteed a good work-out with the "Core Board"!


The Reebok "Core Board" – everything in one
The Reebok "Core Board" offers a complete training system. It has been specially designed to improve the tone and function of the core muscles by body movements counteracting tilting, turning and pushing movements. This means it is the perfect balance instrument for both beginners and advanced users.

Product information:
72x52.5x17.2 cm
12 kg
Max. load up to approx. 110 kg
Rubber surface

Diverse training with the "Core Board"
Whether turning movements, push-ups or walking – the non-slip surface provides an excellent platform for aerobics training with a balance section to strengthen the ankle and knee joints and hips. Thanks to the non-slip surface, you can perform lots of different motion sequences, such as tilting sideways, forwards and backwards movements (as if surfing or snowboarding) or rotating on a vertical axis (twisting movement). Especially practical: thanks to its two adjustable degrees of stability, the "Core Board" offers varied and interesting training.

Get your dream body with fun and competitiveness – order your Reebok "Core Board" today.