Nordic "Jump-Hi" Vaulting Pole

Nordic "Jump-Hi" Vaulting Pole

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Children and beginners will perfectly master the proper technique with the Nordic "Jump-Hi" vaulting pole.
Perfect for children and beginners
Made from high-quality fibreglass
Available in 2 different lengths


The Nordic "Jump-Hi" vaulting pole: for those first few steps into the world of pole vaulting
The Nordic "Jump-Hi" vaulting pole is a high-quality pole made from fibreglass and has been made slightly stiffer for beginners. The pole features practical rubber end caps which prevent the pole from slipping and also protect floors at the same time. With a diameter of 3 cm, the vaulting pole is the perfect size for smaller hands and guarantees optimal grip during their first jumps.

Product information:
Material: fibreglass
ø 3 cm
Which length is right for me?
The Nordic "Jump-Hi" vaulting pole is available in 2 different lengths: 2 m and 3 m. The 2-m-long vaulting pole is ideal for children and beginners to use in their first vaulting experiences and to learn the proper technique. If you already understand the basics it is recommended to change to the 3-m-long vaulting pole. This allows advanced beginners to continue to practise and improve their vaulting technique.

The perfect piece of training equipment for those first few steps into the world of pole vaulting. Order the Nordic "Jump-Hi" vaulting pole today.